Monday, 4 April 2016

Meal Planning Monday - 4th April 2016

Oh wow, what a horrendous month March was, both myself and Squiggle have been struck with numerous bugs, coughs, colds and fevers, most of the month was spent in bed or on the settee fast asleep, ( hence why very little posts last month ) neither of us have felt like eating much and when we have it's been quick and crap, so basically lots of takeaways and burgers and microwave rubbish.

Somehow we both managed to get well enough for one day just to celebrate our birthdays - I am now the grand old age of 22* and Squiggle is now 6 - where has the time gone?

This weekend we have been feeling better so it's back so some sort of normality. We have a holiday coming up shortly so I think it's time to eat up what we already have and then we can have a proper frsh start when we get back.

So after looking in the freezer and cupboards this week we shall be having:

Chicken dippers/kievs with smiley potato stars
Chilli con carne
Eggs ( not the chocolate ones ) either scrambled, omlette or fried
Fish fingers
Macaroni cheese

As usual this is post is in conjuction with Mrs M's Meal Planning Monday linky, for great meal ideas click here.

*I told Squiggle I was 21 last year and even though he now knows the truth he tells everyone I am only 22!

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

366 Day Penny Challenge: 90 day update

Look at that, we're nearly a quarter of the way through the year, how's everyone doing with the penny saving challenge, anyone given up yet? I'm still persevering with it although I have been tempted a couple of times to "borrow" out of my jar to pay the window cleaner! But I haven't, I will not touch it until the end of the year!

My jar is looking quite full with £40.95 already saved. I think it's time to try and copper up and deposit some of it into the bank to remove the temptation of dipping into it.

Keep going readers, it will be worth it in the end.

365 Day Penny Challenge Day 90

Friday, 18 March 2016

National Awkward Moments Day

Barely a day goes by where I don't say or do anything or be involved with something awkward, so I was so glad to learn that today is National Awkward Moments Day, so I can celebrate myself and all my awkward moments!

I could write a book about my awkward moments, but this is the future, and in the future, we write blogs. So I did and now I want to revisit some of my old blog posts and highlight my favourite awkward moments.

 There's the times where I turn up wearing the same clothes as my friends, my boss or just complete strangers at a wedding.

Then there's the awkward moments created by my son just by asking or saying the most "innocent things" at the most inappropriate time.

It doesn't matter whether I am in a supermarket, or at a funeral, awkward moments have a habit of finding me.

These are just some of the awkward moments I have written about, there's still time to be caught off guard with my skirt tucked in my knickers, or walking around with toilet paper stuck to my shoe, or even sneezing and farting at the same time whilst sat in the dining room of a B&B in Great Yarmouth, now that was awkward, but that story is for another day.

Do you care to share any of your awkward moment stories?

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

366 Day Penny Challenge: 60 days update

How many of you shared a post or tweeted about the 366 Day Penny Challenge just after Christmas? How many said you were going to do it?
How many of you started?
and how many of you have carried on?

Hands up!

Well if you are taking part in the challenge, and have been persistent with saving the pennies, then I'm happy to say you should have a nice little £18.30 saved by now.

money saving ideas

Well done and keep going.

Monday, 29 February 2016

#MealPlanningMonday - 29th February 2016

So I've just posted this about my battle with a low fibre diet and how I've gained weight, and now I'm contemplating scrapping it and just eating what I want and suffering with the consequences of my IBS. Big decision, eat what I fancy, crap myself but stay slimmer or eat what I'm told, not crap myself but get fat!

Well this week the diet/menu planning is sort of out of my hands. Those great guys at Bzz Agent are running a campaign with OXO, so I have a great cook book and OXO stock pots to work with this week.

My favourite choices out of the book are:
Mushroom stroganoff
Pork cider & apple stew*
Rigatoni with quick cook ragu

and then I'll do some of the simpler things like
fish fingers
spaghetti & meatballs

I'm only planning 6 meals as it's Mothers Day on Sunday, and I'm hoping Squiggle is going to take me out for a lovely meal and shower me with love, bear in mind he's nearly 6 years old so it will probably be a trip to the golden arches, but so long as I'm with him I don't care where we dine!

As usual this post is linked up with Mrs M and all the other Meal Planners.

Have a great week everyone!

*OK, call me weird, I can eat bacon, sausages, gammon and ham but pork makes me poorly, so I'll be swapping the pork for gammon!